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We’re dedicated to delivering creative and flavorful ingredient solutions.

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Why Choose NuSpice?

Where Flavors Transform Into Discovery

In our state-of-the-art facility, our customer and technical services departments strive to deliver the best customer experience by designing and manufacturing custom ingredient solutions that showcase a wide range of flavors, trends and innovations.

Our Process

Customer Journey

Through collaborative conversations, we work with our customers, suppliers and industry experts to design the optimal products for any application. Our journey begins with your idea:

Step 1



Our product development team will collaborate with yours to create flavor profiles and systems for any application desired

Step 2

Research and Development

One we have all the flavor, ingredient and marketing claim parameters, a sample will be designed specifically for your consideration.

Step 3


Product Testing

Sample is tested for functional and flavor properties, revisions may be needed before finalizing blend

Step 4


Product Approval

Once the blend has been proven successful, the sample approval process begins.

Step 5


Final Inputs & Manufacturing

Blend gets finalized for manufacturing including confirmation of packaging, paperwork and label requirements.

Step 6


Completed Product

Congratulations! You’re ready to take your product to market and add it to your own product line!

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